Body Care line " w a s a b i "

We are honoured to release to the world
our first line of body care products
titled “ w a s a b i ” ,
Featuring the herb Wasabi with a unique
refreshing perspective.
Yes Wasabi is actually added to the products
“ w a s a b i ” products are suitable for
either sex, and utilize premium natural

Wasabia Japonica “wasabi” an iconic
plant that is native to Japan, has antiseptic
properties and unique beneficial qualities
making it the perfect choice for
care products.

Satisfying the need for purity and
cleanliness, your desire to smell good.

Why wasabi ?

Did you know that wasabi was a holistic herb before it’s
more well known use as a condiment? Did you know that
wasabi has many beneficial properties ?
antibacterial, anti-odor, and anti-inflamatory
just to name a few!
Yes, the iconic herb is Wasabia japonica or “wasabi” is at
the core of our product line.
I've always had an interest in the world’s cultures
and all things natural. While researching various
natural fragrances for my good smelling balls
product line, I came to realize that people want
to smell good but more importantly they don't want
to smell bad.

I came upon the knowledge that wasabi had odor
cleansing properties. Me, like most people my 
introduction to wasabi was at a sushi restaurant,
so I was thoroughly intrigued !
Wanting to know more, I investigated further. The
more I investigated the more interesting wasabi
revealed itself to be.

I have always felt that my coming to Japan was to
do something special but didn’t know what,…
that something had finally made itself known to me. 
Introducing Wasabi Body Care Product lineup.

Introducing the iconic herb of Japan known as 
wasabi to the world, in a very unique way.

RFC “YUCK AWAY” wasabi hand sanitizer 60ml

Wasabi Yuck Away with package
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RFC “YUCK AWAY” wasabi hand sanitizer 60ml

“Yuck Away”
wasabi hand sanitizer infused
with wasabi extract

Yuck Away uses only high quality natural ingredients
and is prepared with
no tar based dyes,
no synthetic fragrances and
no preservatives.

Unlike other sanitizers Yuck Away has moisture retaining
and moisture absorbing properties, leaving your hands
feeling smooth and exhilarated with a light sensation
of coolness

Created with our original all natural fragrance that uses
Japanese wasabi farms as a creative inspiration.
Yuck Away leaves hands rejuvenated and moist but not greasy
or oily.

Use Yuck Away before eating (our fragrance won’t conflict
with your meal), before holding young babies, before that
big meeting (to get you in right frame of mind), before intimacy,
after riding public transportation, after returning to your home,
after shaking a lot of hands and more…. There are many
situations to use Yuck Away,

Use Yuck Away many times a day
to keep all that yucky stuff,…away!

RFC DRY RELIEF ”wasabi” hand cream 60ml

Wasabi Dry Relief with package
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Wasabi Dry Relief

RFC DRY RELIEF ”wasabi” hand cream 60ml

“Dry Relief”
hand moisturizer infused
with wasabi extract
Dry Relief is our hand moisturizer, that is prepared
using 99% high quality natural ingredients.
Dry Relief will refresh and renew rough dry hands
returning your hands to their natural supple healthy
state and will not leave hands feeling oily or greasy.
Blended with our original all natural fragrances that
uses Japanese Wasabi Farms as a creative inspiration.
Dry Relief has a refreshing natural relaxing scent.

Dry Relief uses only high quality natural ingredients
and is prepared with
no tar based dyes,
no synthetic fragrances,
and no preservatives.

Using a special blend of natural ingredients that not
only heal, soften, and smooth hands, but Dry Relief
is also quickly absorbed with excellent distribution your hands will experience exceptional coverage with a just a modest application.

Great for winter months or even all year round, especially for people whose occupations
tend to be hard on their hands

Chefs, Bartenders, HairStylist, Makeup Artists, Moms, Dads…